Love Proudly: Pride Shirts at Old Navy

Decided to take a trip to Fashion Valley Mall yesterday, on my way home from work. Sometimes it’s nice to just cruise the mall and check out the patrons.

I went into Old Navy looking for some work pants, and found these awesome Pride shirts. I had previously heard about them and their limited quantities, but never actually seen them in store. 10% of the proceeds benefit the It Gets Better Project, an outreach program for gay teens.

The cool thing is that they are available in toddler, mens, and womens sizes. I was surprised to see limited sizes available at my local store, but that’s a good sign that these are popular items- especially with the recent repeal of Prop 8. I plan on wearing my new shirt to the San Diego Pride, along with the annual Gay Days Anaheim event that occurs at Disneyland.

I thought I’d share them with you to get the word out. Currently, Old Navy has 26 stores across the United States that feature these shirts. I’m hoping if they grow in popularity, that Old Navy will take the hint and make them more widely available to folks who feel the same.



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